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Jad Fair has been active in the alternative music scene for many years, both with his band Half Japanese as well as a solo performer under his own name, with dozens of releases on labels all over the world. He has recorded many collaboration projects over the years, not just with Jason Willett, but also with such notables as Teenage Fanclub and Daniel Johnston, among many others. A unique artists, he has developed a style that, besides being very un-commercial, integrates the aggressiveness of punk music with the experimental aspect of the industrial scene. Many of the songs are very short and abstract, with a playful and improvised, yet almost childish aspect to them. Add to this his typical and distinctive graphic style, and what emerges is a fascinating body of work from this dedicated artist. Jad tours constantly, and one is hard-pressed to find a more invigorating live performer, so don’t miss him live if you have the chance, regardless if its Half Japanese that's playing or just Jad himself.


This full length CD is another of Jad's many collaborations with Jason Willett, and like the other releases, this one is chock full of weird and wonderful little songs, seventeen in all. Standout tracks include “Reptile”, “You Got The Power” and “Kryptonite”. Jad’s stunning full color artwork on the cover round out another important work in the long and important career of this outstanding artist. .