Elvis singing Led Zeppelin songs in a Reggae band? Of course, what a silly question! It is a fact that a strange, yet supremely talented, group of musicians calling themselves Dread Zeppelin played their first gig on January 8th, 1989 (or 1956 if you believe lead vocalist Tortelvis; but be forewarned, if you do, you’ll also be hearing stories of alien parentage, exploding Ford Pintos and other-worldly weight gains). Since that day, Dread Zeppelin have released several full length albums world-wide, have starred in several videos (including their clip of “Heartbreaker Hotel”, that appears regularly on the MTV Beavis & Butthead show), have appeared in and perform the theme song for the motion picture “National Lampoon’s Last Resort, and have toured the world several times including stops is such exotic locales as Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, India, Australia and Japan. Dread Zeppelin continue to perform live, touring at least 25 weeks per year. Combining outlandish costumery, a tight and aggressive musical approach and conjuring the charisma of the three kings (Elvis, Zep & Marley), the band’s stage show remains a favorite the world over. Indeed, a live performance in Buffalo, NY, moved Led Zeppelin vocalist, Robert Plant, to admit that he preferred Dread Zep’s version of the classic “Your Time Is Gonna Come” to the original. Praise from on high. In the immortal worlds of Led Zeppelin...”Thank You”.


Here it is, the umpteenth studio album by these Vegas-wannabees, featuring such “Zeppelin” (which Zeppelin do you mean?) classics as “Stairway To Heaven”, “Good Times, Bad Times” and “Kashmir”. Two extra tracks not on the US version of this album, “Rock & Roll” and “Communication Breakdown” make this one a must-have for every “Zeppelin” fan. The best album Elvis never made!

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