Their second CD, and their first for MT. This is a powerhouse record, with lots of fast, powerful songs mixed in with a few melodic ballads. These guys are fuckin tight! Standouts include “Laughter”, “Remedy” and their cover version of the old 70’s hit “Dschinghis Khan”. And these guys can sing! Their vocal harmonies not unlike that of Die Ärzte. A classic album for everyone that expects more than just three chords in their punk-rock!

The sun finally rises in the West, as the three Donalds from Bonn have arrived! Mitzky DieLust, Kasten Pils and Sven Glückspilz are here to explain the many important things in life, things like love, hate, jealousy, drugs, a piece of cheese, bitter fruit, Dschinghis Khan and his wild Klingons, the great pumpkin, and a toilet brush. They have toured several times with J.B.O., have T-shirts for sale that make your skin itch, and are pretty much the funniest thing ever to come out of a guitar, a bass, a drum kit and three guys from the Rhine Valley! Their first album, “Degenerierte Anarchistische Rock Kacke” they put out themselves, and sets the tone for what was to come: a mixture of punk, some rock, a large dose of humor, and a bit of romantic drivel. Sven then since quite the band (but he still works with them, mostly in the form of producing and recording their new material), after which they reformed briefly under the name "Mitzky". They decided to reform briefly in late 2000, but this only lasted about six months and a few dates with JBO before they split up for good in the summer of 2001.


A mini CD for a maxi-CD price, this 21 minute , 9 track CD came out just in time for their 1998 German tour of the same name, the title-track showing that punk-rock can also reach intellectual realms beyond the usual songs about police and parents, beer drinking and fucking, and still have humor. Released on January 1st 1998 to help out all the DD fans out there going into withdrawals until the new full-length comes. And in case you were wondering; yes, Manni did think it was valuable for him!

Not one to let such a funny opportunity pass them up, here Donald Dark turns into the Donald Dark Ochrestra (D.D.O. to all their fans), and covers the funniest cover band in Germany, our one and only J.B.O.! Listen to “Ein Guter Dark Zum Sterben”, “Fahrende Masturbanten” and six other tracks on this mini-CD. We were waiting for a court case regarding the, um, original packaging, but it never came (too bad, we were hoping for the publicity!).
Punk enough to be on eMpTy, this came out in time for their “Philosophie” tour in the spring of 1998. Obsessed by Star Trek, the Donalds were so pissed off that they were not invited to take part in a Star Trek tribute sampler that they quickly wrote, recorded and released this, what would have been the best song on the whole record! Two versions of the same song, it features beautiful red, yellow and white splatter vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.
Their third full length CD and they just keep on getting better. A concept album of sorts, where else can one find Chèz as a bartender in a bar in Bonn, Germany? Standouts include “Humphrey Bogart”, “Running To Horizon” and the song destined to be a hit single, “Alte Säcke” (for which a video was made, featuring none other than one of Germany's most popular comedians, Brisko Schneider, from the Wochenshau, in the role of the music critic!). As always, this runs the gamut from punk to rock to melodic and romantic tear jerkers. As a bonus track listen to their fan’s versions of “Mit Vollgas Durch Die Galaxie”, where they sing over the karoake version of the song from side two of their single (MT-430).

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