Paul Dianno was the original vocalist of Iron Maiden, and to many was the ONLY vocalist of Iron Maiden. He has been a major influence on most of today’s young rock vocalists worldwide from Biohazard to Metalica. Paul is again showing his talent to a new generation of heavy metal fans with the massive chart success of the current retro Iron Maiden album “Best Of The Beast” (featuring 5 all time Maiden classics with Paul’s vocals). No longer with his second band “Killers”, he is now a solo artist, branching out and expanding upon the heavy metal formula, and even do the occasional live concert as well. Don’t miss him if you get the chance.


Here it is, the second full length solo album by the original singer of Iron Maiden. Ten tracks that go far beyond the limiting restrictions placed by most heavy metal. On this fine release Paul Dianno shows that he is a first rate singer, regardless of the musical style, as he lets influences of soft rock and soul add to his distinctive brand of hard rock. Standout tracks include “Till You’ve Got Over Me”, “Danger Lines” and “Rock The Boat”. Features Neil Murray on bass, and Lea Hart on guitar, among others. Lea also produced the album with Paul.

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“The World’s First Iron Man” sees Paul ditching his previous band “Killers” (previous albums “Killers” on BMG Records and “Menace To Society” on Metal Blade Records/Music For Nations) to do something totally different to anything that he has ever done before. Call it Paul’s first real debut, as on this recording Paul branches out far beyond the boundaries imposed by Heavy Metal, and interprets some of the songs that have inspired him, such as “Living In America” and “Play That Funky Music”. Also includes five classic Iron Maiden live tracks that Paul sang on as a special bonus for his fans. “Remember Tomorrow”, “Wrathchild”, “Children Of The Revolution”, “Sanctuary” and “Phantom Of The Opera” are featured next to eight other new Dianno compositions.