Das Klown, one of the most original bands to come out of Los Angeles in the last decade. Raw and to the point, Das Klown's music is melodic, hard-core Southern California punk. True to their own strong vision, they are one of a kind. "We aren't like that copycat bullshit", says front man A.J. "We refuse to change our sound to conform to what's expected by average-minded idiots". Tough-spirited and independent, Das Klown doesn't sound like any other band. "We're old school. We tell it like it is. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..... Currently consisting of A.J. on vocals, Steve H. doing guitar, Jimbo T. on bass and Nick Vit as drummer, they are ready to pound your brains. Check out their debut CD on Triple X records, as well as their split single with All Day on Know Records.


Their debut MT and Posh Boy release, and one in the series of co-releases from the two labels. This is actually Das Klown's second full length, the first of which was released on the famous Los Angles label Triple X. No bullshit punk rock, Southern California style, and featuring the vocal talents of lead singer A.J. Often considered by their fans as their best album, this one features "Talk Of The Town", one of their all-time classic tracks.

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