DWM always considered itself more of a studio band, which is obvious, but still, on a few occasions DWM received offers to play live that we just couldn't turn down. The complete stories of the concerts are written in detail as liner notes on the releases. Still, with so few concerts in so many years, there is no need to be searching the concert listings in your local paper for a DWM tour. It isn't that we don't want to play live shows, but much more that if we do a live show, we want it to be perfect, so the shows played so far required months of preparation, as each was totally different, with totally different sets played. More to come? Perhaps. Check our concerts page for more info on DWM live.


This is a vinyl only album of the concert that both artists performed together in Nuernberg, Germany on January 26th, 2003. Much more experimental than most material by these artists, this album features a handmade cover and is limited to 200, numbered copies. Mr. Ebu performs here as a solo act, one very long track divided into several subsections that is almost hypnotic. DWM here is a two-piece with original members Joseph B. Raimond and Adrian Gormley, performing live versions of such DWM greats as "Wish You Weren't Here" and "Himeola".

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It has become a label tradition to commemorate our anniversaries with a DWM release. In this case, to celebrate not only our 500th MT release (!), but also our fifteen year anniversary of the founding of MT, we offer this live collaboration 10" recording of DWM, Tesendalo and the ANA Orchester. Recorded June 23rd, 1998, in Munich, Germany, it was the first ever live concert by DWM, as opening act for Sonic Youth and Sean Lennon. Two tracks, one on each side in perfect sound quality, packaged as a 10" vinyl record that is half white, half blue, and a full color cover with extensive liner notes round out this extraordinary release.