One of the very first Canadian punk bands, D.O.A. has become a punk legend. Starting off in the late 1970’s from their home-base of Vancouver, Canada, they have in their twenty year history released a good dozen albums, most of them on Alternative Tentacles, and have toured relentlessly. Being very environmentally conscious, D.O.A. have always been very involved in many environmental issues over the years, playing many benefits and releasing benefit records. Many of their albums have become punk classics, and they are today one of the most collectable of all punk bands. In 1981 they coined the term “Hardcore”, with their second album Hardcore 81. Early members of the band included drummer Chuck Biscuits, who later went on to drum in Black Flag, Danzig, and most recently, Social Distortion. Former bassist Randy Rampage is today mostly known in the realms of Heavy Metal, as singer of Annihilator. D.O.A. is still going on strong though, headed by Joey Keithley, better known as Joey Shithead. D.O.A. have always been an amazingly good live band, so no punk fan should make the mistake of not having seen them at least once. D.O.A. recently celebrated their twentieth anniversary with a monster show in Vancouver, featuring many of their ex-members. Today they have their own record company, Sudden Death Records, and besides releasing the newer D.O.A. recordings, they also support the young punk scene with a full roster of young Canadian bands.
This is the Canadian Hockey Saw-blade, part 15 in our series. Two hard-hitting punk tracks from these Canadian Vancouver veterans. The Hanson Bros. are of course No Means No, who use this name when they do their Ramones sounding songs. Great full color cover. White vinyl with nice three color labels. 600 pressed.
This is basically a tour EP for the D.O.A. tour of spring 1998. D.B.S. was their support. The record features one song from the respective eMpTy albums from each band, plus one exclusive track from each band available only on this record! Yellow and red splatter vinyl in an edition of 1000.
Their ump-teenth studio album, this thirteen songer is pure D.O.A., with its fair share of short hardcore punk blasts, like “Groundhog Day”, “Brainwash” and the incredible “I Got A Noose” can testify to, as well as the reggae-tinged number “Death To The Multi-nationals”. Besides the songs, the CD version also features an enhanced section where on a computer one can watch one of their shows, taped in Italy. The LP version is limited to 300, and is on gold vinyl.
An album of out-takes, 15 of the 17 tracks were never before released in these versions. Hear versions of such D.O.A. classics as “I Hate You”, “Race Riot” and “America The Beautiful” that are quite different to their classic versions. Red vinyl, full color cover with a nice, large insert with info on each song. CD version available from D.O.A.’s own Sudden Death Records. 300 copies.
The third split 7” vinyl record with D.O.A. on eMpTy. This time they cover the classic Black Flag song “Nervous Breakdown”. Dog Eat Dogma are fellow Canadians signed to D.O.A.’s label Sudden Death Records. Here they offer “Durst Und Wurst”, a song sung in German which captures the true essence of German culture! 125 copies on glow in the dark vinyl.
With "Win The Battle", their tenth studio album, DOA tap into their early roots in a ferocious display of punk and rock. They combine their best qualities of humor, sarcasm, chainsaws, defiance and politics. For their first new album in four years, Joey Shithead and original bassist Randy Rampage (back in the band after twenty years!) team up with "The Great Baldini" on drums to create Rockin' Musical Mayhem. DOA hits you hard: from their new rallying cry "Just Say No To The WTO" to the anti-militarist "Warmonger", to the driving rhythms of "Dead Men Tell No Tales" and "To Hell N' Back" to the omplete inreverence of "Mexican Holiday", "Beer Liberation Army" and ZZ Top's "La Grange" to the metal piss-up party of "Curbstomp The Devil".
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Originally released in 1980 on Friends records, this thirteen song full length LP was the first studio album by D.O.A., and is today a very highly sought-after collectors item. Over the years some of the tracks have appeared on various compilations, but now, twenty years after it first came out, eMpTy Records (licensed from Sudden Death Records, DOA's own label) is proud to re-release this milestone album, complete with all thirteen songs and original cover art, and, for the first time, on CD