Fast Eddie Clarke was the guitarist of Motorhead for many years, and played on all their classic albums, co-writing such hits as Ace Of Spades and Hump On Your Back, among many others. After leaving Motorhead he formed the more AOR oriented Fastway, who also released several well received albums. Since the demise of Fastway, Fast Eddie Clarke has concentrated mostly on studio work, besides recording his one studio album.


Part twelve in our series of saw-blade shaped singles, this installment features "Hump On Your Back" on the A-side, a live, loud, aggressive, Fast Eddie Clarke penned Motorhead track with a remix of Clarke's "Snake Bite" on the B-side. Cover art by Gas Huffer's Joe Newton. Yellow vinyl, in an edition of 800 copies.

The one and only solo album of Fast Eddie Clarke, this recording is a good mix between the AOR sound of Fastway and the total aggression of early Motorhead, and even features Lemmy as guest vocalist on "Laugh At The Devil". Other standout tracks include "Snake Bite" and the title track. Deluxe cover by Norbert Vogel of Rael Studios.
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