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Cat Butt was formed in 1988 by James Burdyshaw (guitar), formerly of 64 Spiders, and later of two other eMpTy bands Yummy and Sinister Six. Other members of Cat Butt, featured on the eMpTy 7" included Dean Gunderson (bass), Eric Peterson (drums) and John Michael Amerika (guitar). Ex-members not on their recordings include David "Moth-Man" Emmanuel Duet of Girl Trouble, Tom Price and Charlie Ryan(both of The U-Men) and Danny Bland. In late 1988 the band did a short west coast tour then went in to record their only full-length album "Journey to the Center Of,. which was released by Sup Pop and produced by Jack Endino (of Skin Yard and producer of many great albums). To promote the album they did a large US tour. After Cat Butt: Tom Price continued to work w/ The U-Men, and after they broke up he formed The Kings of Rock and äater in 1989 Gas Huffer. Charlie Ryan remained the the U-Men. Danny Bland joined the Dwarves and then joined The Best Kissers in the World with Mark Wooten of Zipgun and was later replaced by Paul Schurr of Flop. He is now the manager for the Supersuckers. Eric is now in a band called The Disfunctionals.


Another one of the early eMpTy releases, this 2 song 7" single was co-released with Penulitmate Records, and is an early example of the sort of twangy surf-punk sound that later defined many of the Northwest's best bands. One of Volker Stewart's projects, this single has since become one of the most sought-after of all MT releases. 1000 pressed.