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Formed in 1982, when it was still dangerous to be a punk behind the Iron Curtain, Aurora is the longest running Hungarian punk band. Still hugely popular in Eastern Europe, their debut full length album has sold more than 20,000 copies, making them the best selling independent band in Eastern Europe. They are good friends of the German band Wizo, who released on their own label "Hulk Räckorz" a compilation CD containing songs from all periods of Aurora's long history. Although they went through a few singers early in their career, they quickly settled on a trio format, and have since stayed consistent in their line-up of Vigi on vocals and guitar, Galacs on bass, and Polyàk on drums for many years.


Another one of the early eMpTy releases, this 5 song 7" EP was the first of many releases by this popular Hungarian band, and is a good example of their early, hardcore sound. One of the tracks later was re-released on their compilation CD on Hulk Räckorz. Limited edition of 500 copies.