Comprising Oliver Schrade on guitar and bass, Ibrahlm Badran on percussion, Markus Detmer on keyboards, Rainer Hungenberg on vocals, Markus Neuer on drums and Gregor "Luftl" Lehnick on bass and guitar, Amrol were a Köln area based band that had their roots in the progressive rock scene of the 1970's, sometimes sounding a bit like Yes, with a touch of the modern experimental scene and just a hint of far-eastern music added in for good measure. Besides their one 7", they also have released several tapes on Detmer's Progressive Entertainment label.

This three song 7" is a co-release with Progressive Entertainment, the label of Markus Detmer before he began Staubgold, and is a good example of the Amrol sound, complete with lush keyboards and bombastic arrangements. Very elaborate, full color cover with an eight page booklet stapled into the cover with a nice story about the place of Amrol in the great scheme of things.

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