Lokale Leidenschaften

Compiled by Florian Schück, this record has the sub-title "A historical view of Throw That Beat and their Nürnberg friends". Another very hard to find MT release, this is basically a repressing of the double single that came out on Herbe Scherbe Records in the mid 1980s, but with a different cover. Edition of only 200 copies.


  1. Catholic Orphans - Place Without A Name
  2. Catholic Orphans - Shout It Out
  3. Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan - Oh, Tonight
  4. Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan - She Loves Me
  5. Gostenhof Giants - Kneipenpiraten
  6. Gostenhof Giants - ...Rudiger
  7. C.O.D. - Hallo, Hallo
  8. Jack In The Box - Chimera

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In the decade between the mid 1980s and the mid 1990s, Nürnberg had a thriving music scene centered around the band Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan, who played a wonderful mixture of garage and pure pop. They took their name from one of their favorite B-52 songs, and proceeded to become the most popular band to come out of Nürnberg by that time. They were also one of the first to sign to a major label (and, unlike the others, they managed to stay there!). Led by quirky guitarist/singer/songwriter Klaus Cornfield, Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan actually managed what so few German bands have been able to achieve; international success. Their records have been released on labels all over the world, and they toured both the USA and Japan. They broke up in the mid 1990s, with Klaus going on to do solo work, as well as start his own comic book series "Kranke Comics".