i was a punk before you was a punk!

For those of you still hanging in there, we know it is hard to accept, but it is only natural that after such a long time that the punk scene changes and then before you know it, all of a sudden you find yourself belonging to another generation of punk fans. Suddenly you realize that most of the current punks hanging around the train station drinking cheap beer were not even born yet when you used to hang around the train station drinking cheap beer. How depressing! But brightening up our mood a bit comes the realization that many of the bands you used to like are actually still around, and still putting out good music. With this in mind, we decided on doing a sampler with mostly new tracks from all our old favorites. Old fart punks ourselves with a record label, we over the years ended up in the lucky position of actually working with a lot of our old heroes, some of them famous now, others less so, so a sampler like this seemed like the logical next step. Yes, we know the title is grammatically incorrect! It is a joke on being in school, as in "old school", as in "old school punk". Get it now?



  1. The Lurkers - Go Ahead Punk Make My Day
  2. Chelsea - We Dare
  3. NoFX - Itís My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite
  4. Captain Sensible - Smashing The Chains
  5. Youth Gone Mad with Dee Dee Ramone - Now I Wanna Be Sedated
  6. Sator - So Dressed Up
  7. Die Toten Hosen - No Escape
  8. Sham 69 - Slangbang
  9. DOA - A Gun And A Bomb
  10. The Nuns - Hustler Blue
  11. Generation X - Dancing With Myself
  12. The Ramones - R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
  13. The Zeros - Talkiní
  14. Sonny Vincent - One, Two, Three, Boom
  15. Misfits - Dust To Dus
  16. Die Suicides - Selbstmord Ist Massensport
  17. The Damned - Love Song
  18. Half Japanese - Intergalactic Aliens
  19. White Flag - You Canít Stay Here
  20. Peter & The Test Tube Babies - Jetsetter
  21. Terveet Kadet - Another Life
  22. TV Smith - Only One Flavour
  23. The Vibrators - Politically Incorrect
  24. Aurora - Ne Provokálj
  25. Major Accident - Lies
  26. The Varukers - Fake
  27. Guitar Gangsters - Bye Bye Beach
  28. GBH - Impounded
  29. Vice Squad - We Came, We Saw
  30. Only Alternative - The Old Generation

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After literally years of planning and delays, we finally offer here what we consider to be THE definitive old school sampler. Lots of unreleased tracks, practically a list of every important old school punk band there is. Seventy seven minutes long, with a thick booklet not with info on the bands (what more could one say about the Damned here than what has already been said a thousand times before!), but with anecdotes about growing up in Germany and the US and trying to be a punk, against the wishes of your dad, your school, the local police and yes, even against the wishes of the guy that checks your tickets on the streetcar! Oh yeah, the CD itself is a cool picture disc!