Empty Set, for the uninitiated, are a bunch of guys from the decaying industrial heartland of America called the Motor City. Led by songwriters Ron DeVore and Billy Frank (both Destroy All Monsters), guitar-player John Thoman (Rain Parade, Chris Cacavas, Viva Saturn, Ghosthouse) and Mark Schulz, the band has been busy with a couple of indie releases on such fine labels as Sympathy For The Record Industry, Cerberus and the now defunkt yet highly collectable label Lazy Eye Records, plus a new album on Inbetweens Records. You can't argue with the Motor City Sound, as Empty Set manages to record a pretty heavy slice of rump roaring rock 'n roll. Empty Set specializes in straight-ahead, big wheeled, guts and gearshift rock music. Combine this Detroit rock stampede with the full cooperation of the original Stooge Ron Asheton and the original MC5 bass player Mike Davis and you'll get what you deserve: rough, uncompromising music from guys who don't always try to be your best friend.


Their debut on MT, what better place for a band calling itself the Empty Set than on eMpTy Records? This full length CD contains 69 minutes of hard Detroit Motor-city rock. 18 tracks in all, with such standouts as a cover of fellow Motor City luminary Alice Cooper's “Long Way To Go”, plus their own “RU” and “Sweet Dirty Sweet”, among many others. As always, the band likes to flaunt their punk credentials with their friends Ron Asheton and Mike Davis, both of which augment the band both in the studio and live. A beautiful full color cover with gold label printing, this CD is a standout in the eMpTy Records long tradition of bringing you the finest in punk-rock.

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