Another now defunct garagepunk band that we released through our former US office. A few singles out there, most notably on 007 Records, plus a single and full length on Get Hip. Members: SGT.6 PACK: lead guitar, vocals LONE TWISTER (All American Man): bass ROCK BOTTOM: drums, vocals SUBARTON (Gash Wagon): guitar. The Dummies without The All American Man (= The Lone Twister) are doing 7"s now as Sgt.6 Assault.


Side one is a fast paced, garaged out punk anthem with impossible to understand vocals (a lyric sheet would have been a real help here guys). Side two is just as hard to understand, but is a much slower, distorted dirge track. A great record, especially for those who don't really care what a band is singing about! 1000 pressed.

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