Hailing from Darmstadt, Germany, a town known for its contributions to fine art and theatre, the original line-up of Common Spring were a five piece that played what one could describe as a mixture of folk and modern independent, with beautiful female vocals and romantic violin playing. The songs are often quiet, romantic and melodic. Unfortunately their original line-up ( Tine Hudl - Voice, Benjamin Metz - Guitar and Voice, Christoph Ziegler - Bass, Daniel Malkmus - Violin, David S.- Drums and Percussion) only managed one album before splitting up. In their time they have supported such well-known names such as The Legendary Pink Dots, Penelope Houston, The Schramm, as well as our own Merlons.


Their debut release, and a wonderful work in every aspect. From the beautiful vocals of lead singer Tine Hudl to the romantic and dark violin playing of David S., this release is the documentation of the beginning of what we are sure to be a long and successful career by this band. Nine tracks, from the upbeat "Princess", to the more typical slower and melodic "The Gates Of Dawn" trilogy, this record will not disappoint those interested in what is today often refered to as "heavenly voices". No expense has been spared on this release, from it's meticulous, fine recording quality, to the full color graphics on all twelve pages, as well as both sides of the tray card. Full lyrics printed throughout the booklet. CD itself is pure orange, without any printing whatsoever! A limited edition was also created by a friend of the band's, the well known sculptor Eric Staub, in an edition of 100 numbered copies. On this version, the CD is actually encased in a plastic-like casting. Some of these copies have been retained by the artist to be sold at his gallery exhibitions.

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