Seems like every label these days makes their own "cheapo" sampler, a CD or record featuring their bands that they give away or sell real cheap. The idea is that hopefully someone will listen through the whole thing, like one or two of the bands, and actually go out and buy the records. If this works or not has never really been proven. In any case, most of these kinds of samplers are usually very tedious affairs, and most seem to end up at the local used record store for a few cents each. As a label, we not only decided to make our label samplers free, but also tried to give the series a certain fun twist, if not for the only reason to at least make them stand out from the masses. We still have a few of each, so anyone wanting one, all you have to do is ask (actually, we will include either or both in any order free of charge, but you do have to ask for it!).


For our four hundredth release (!), we decided to do something very much out of the ordinary. For the 1997 PopKomm music convention, we had planned on printing up a small, full color booklet with info on our new releases and signings. We could not believe our eyes when we got the price quote back from our printer, and realized that printing this little booklet would be more expensive than pressing up a CD. The light bulbs started lighting above our heads, as one idea led to another, and soon we had the concept for one of the coolest samplers, the worlds first, true, empty sampler. What could be more fun than eMpTy Records putting out an empty sampler; a release with no music at all on it! No kidding! The CD has twenty minutes of silence. You might think that our label has money to burn, but remember, it was still cheaper than printing up a full color booklet. And since it was given away free, who could be mad at us? In place of music, we made the booklet of the CD packed full of info on each of our bands, photos, and discographies. The pefect companion to our first cheapolation, the CD without a cover! And how did it go over at the PopKomm? We had a lot of fun giving them away. Some caught on to the joke right away, with several people complementing us on having the best idea of the PopKomm. The best response we got though was from a woman who insisted on trading her label sampler with ours. She came back to us the next day raving about how great our bands were, and which of the tracks was her favorite. No kidding, we all stood around agreeing with her and laughing, and once the convention was over and she got home and actually tried to play the CD did she probably figure out what we were all laughing about. 500 pressed.

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The first of the series, this CD could also be titled "record without a cover". On Musical Tragedies, this CD featured 23 tracks by 23 bands, from both the band rosters of Musical Tragedies and eMpTy Records, making it a mixture of the punk of Sloppy Seconds to the noise of Hullabaloo, the medieval crossover of the Merlons to the ska of the Tiny Hat Orchestra, the weirdness of the Rudy Schwartz Project to the garage of Sinister Six. In other words, a little bit for everyone! Besides given away free at the 1993 PopKomm music convention, this CD was also included, at no extra charge, as a second CD in many of our 1993 new releases. Two versions exist, one with white and red printing, the other with yellow and black. At least a few thousand were made.


  1. Crackerbash - Jasper
  2. Hullabaloo - Expulse
  3. Zoogz Rift - Time To Think
  4. Zipgun - Put Me Away
  5. Rudy Schwartz Project - Cracklin Rosie
  6. Doc Wör Mirran - Living In The Sky With Deutschmarks (remix)
  7. Gas Huffer - Bad Vibes
  8. Tiny Hat Orchestra - Sing Sing Sing
  9. Putters - Mistake
  10. Tristan & The Rosewood - Sarah
  11. Girl Trouble - Work That Crowd
  12. Carson Sage & The Black Riders - Garten Mother's Lullabye
  13. Meices - Alex
  14. Sinister Six - Go Away
  15. Merlons Of Nehemiah - Testaroche
  16. John Trubee - Your Stupid Friends
  17. The Swinging Erudites - Walk With An Erection
  18. Kill Sybil - Lemans
  19. Jack Endino - Big Seth
  20. Skinner Box - Sibyl Vane
  21. Something To Burn - Instrumental #2
  22. Sloppy Seconds - I Don't Wanna Take You Home
  23. Klaus Cornfield & Lotsi Lapislazuli - Na Noo Na Noo