Carson Sage and the Black Riders, one of our local Nürnberg area bands, have been with us from the beginning, and are one of the earliest MT signings. Musically, they are a playful bunch of laid back, beer drinking, football loving, folkies. I guess the best description of their sound would be "fun folk". In their program they feature original tracks, classic folk tunes as well as fun versions of modern songs everyone knows, done in their own Carson style. They combine the lovely and strong voice of lead singer Edda with lots of banjos, mandolins, and of course guitars. Besides Edda, check out the vast talents of Mani, Frank, Linus, Peter and Dietrich. They play live often in and around the Nürnberg area, and have supported such folk heavies as Pentangle and the Oyster Band. And no, there is no one in the band named Carson.
Their very first release, still with their old drummer Uwe, and before Peter joined the band as bass player to allow Mani to move to second guitar. Recorded on eight track, this is a rough but great record, featuring such standout Carson Sage songs as "Star Of The County Down", "Tim Finnegan", and their own interpretation of the Madonna classic "Like A Virgin". This one has the distinction of being the very first MT record to feature a full color cover. 869 copies pressed. As the cover was delayed at the printer, 50 copies were released with a different, photocopied cover for the record release party, all signed by the band, and glued onto a blank white cover.
Their second full length, and unlike the first LP, professionally recorded. This is a wonderful record, featuring many classic Carson Sage songs, like "Red Is The Rose", "Don't Waste My Time", and a fantastic version of the old classic "Besame Mucho". The first record featuring their new drummer Dietrich. Great full color cover of Linus posing as a scottsman. Contains a lyric sheet. 1000 pressed.
This one sided, two song 7" is from our series of one sided promo singles, which were given away to help promote new Musical Tragedies albums. To save money, they were all one-sided, black printing on white labels, and no cover or a very cheapo foto- copied cover. This one has two tracks from the Skirl O' Carson album, namely "Red Is The Rose" and "Freedom Come All 'Ye". 200 copies, 100 of which with a photo-copied cover.
With this release Carson Sage moves into the great barren desert world of the digital format, and like all Carson Sage releases, this one has got some fine moments indeed. Check out "Garten Mother's Lullabye" and you will hear just how great of a voice Edda really does have. Their version of "One Silver Dollar", made to sound as if it was recorded forty years ago, is beautiful. The full color cover is some sort of x-ray like picture of the energy radiated from crystal. Ask the band if you want to know more about it, but it does look cool regardless.1000 pressed.
Their fourth long player and third CD, this is their best recording ever, proving how a great band can become only better with age. As always, some classic Carson songs are featured on this set, including their spoof on American style country with "The Moist Country Yodl" and a rap version of "Rawhide" that just has to be heard to be believed! Also included is their homage to Dr. Martens shoes.1000 pressed.

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In essence, a cover version of a cover version. Carson Sage so liked the Swinging Erudites version of the title track, which is of course a spoof on the Bangles "Walk Like An Egyptian", that they decided to do their own version (later, J.B.O. covered Carson Sage's version, making it a cover of a cover of a cover!). Also includes a cool version of the Lee Hazelwood classic "Some Velvet Morning", as well as a few tracks from their "Skirl O' Carson" LP that they figured were so great that they just had to be digitalized. Original X-rated cover was changed at the last minute to the one at the left (too bad!) in a slim maxi box. Released in an edition of 800.